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October-December Reads Welcome to the New Year!

Well, here are are! We made it through the odd 2019 (I have a theory that odd numbered years are far less superior to even ones) and we’re roaring (hah) right into 2020! I’ve spent the last two weeks being unsure of what day it was and forgetting what a vegetable is and can honestly say I’m ready for routine to start again. The Christmas tree is gone, ideas for the new year formulated, and I’m ready to run into January full of anxiety and hope!

I finished the quarter logging fewer titles but still about the same amount of hours read. Why? Because the first book up is a doozy. On paper I believe it’s around 750 pages, in audio it’s about 31 hours. Most of the books I read are somewhere between 5-8 hours and I can usually get through them in a week, so this book took most of the month of October to finish. (Also, mid-October to, well, yesterday? was pretty hectic and brain-frazzle-y so finishing anything was a feat.)

37. The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt (contemporary fiction)- This is a book di…
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Tappa, Tappa, Tappa

Growing up I always wanted to take a dance class. I had two cousins who did and I remember practicing routines with them and going their recitals to watch with wonder (and maybe a little jealousy). In high school instead of traditional gym class I took dance-which was fun-but it wasn’t the quite the same.
For the last several years I have tried to take some class through our local park district. One year it was acrylic painting (and realized I probably should take drawing too), ceramics (pottery wheels are hard), and this year I decided to live out my childhood dream of taking a dance class. Our park district offers a “Beginning Adult Tap Class” that is for people 18 years and older, so my fear of being Billy Madison was relieved. I signed up, bought some tap shoes off of Amazon, and prepared myself for the great unknown.
The first class came and it was a doozy. It was definitely an adult tap class-I am the youngest person in the class by some years (and most of them are retirees).I …

Grandma's Noodles

I have several friends who love food and cooking just as much as I do. They are creative people who have brilliant ideas for dishes and a penchant for finding The Best recipe for whatever food you may fancy. When we talk about food recipes we tend to share websites or screen shots so that we can chat about what we may improve or try.But often, we come back to the tried tales of dinner’s past. Our hearts and our stomachs pull us back through time until we’re standing in our grandmother’s kitchens stirring bowls or more likely, licking spoons. We see our grandmother’s looking at a 3 x 5 index card, or a worn notebook-not a website to be bookmarked later. “Here’s my grandma’s recipe, but I don’t know what she does to make it so good.”

Food is a hot topic with the holidays coming up and we’ve started to discuss what we’ll be making to feed our loved ones. Some of us now carry the torch of hosting, while others are still just junior executives in the kitchen. I am stillthe latter and am ent…

"You Read A Lot" Reading List July-September 2019

Recently someone said this about me. Someone actually said I, Cortney, read ‘a lot’. It made my day!

24. The Sun is Also a Star, Nicola Yoon (young adult fiction)-This was a quick read about two teenagers whose lives collide in a beautiful but difficult way.Young adult is really talking about some true life issues nowadays, not just teen romance and I appreciate it. B.

25. Scrappy Little Nobody, Anna Kendrick (autobiography)- I like Anna Kendrick and her story is just as endearing as she is. I wish we could be friends because I think she’s hilarious! A.

26.Girl, Stop Apologizing, Rachel Hollis (self-help?)- I know. I knooooow. “Cortney, didn’t you h-a-t-e her last book?” Yes. I did. Has that changed? No. But she has such a following and so many people share their life-changing moments because of Hollis that I went ahead and gave this book a go and I will say I found at least a third of it not completely cringe-worthy. It wasn’t as plagiarized (kudos) but still drippy with privilege (…

(Literal) Hot Child in The City

I consider myself pretty lucky that I am still close with my college roommates. No, we don’t talk every day or see each other often, but I know that I could call either of them (I have two, and oddly they share the same name) and we can pick up where we left off. Both ladies were there in such an important time of my life and I am forever grateful that they weren’t total weirdos (at least, not in a bad way.)

KP and I lived together in an on-campus apartment for two years. We had a mascot-a large stuffed penguin named Petey. Our apartment was forever frigid in the winter because we refused to turn the heat past like 65*. On Sundays we had breakfast for dinner. KP was once afraid that all I did was eat cookies and sleep (because for the first semester we lived together, that’s pretty much all I did. Depression is a jerk that doesn’t care that you’re in college and it’s supposed to be of your life). I only remember a handful of small parties. Our d├ęcor was very college chic…

Do Good.

I don't have the capacity to even express myself regarding some of the horrific things going on in our world. It's hard to be grateful for your own life and happy living it while be mad as hell, frustrated, and feeling guilt for the aforementioned 'good' feelings. I, too, grow tired of looking for helpers and being optimistic sometimes but I still come back to this quote time and time again. I can not stop doing my little parts to move the world forward in a productive way. I can not mend every heart, fix every problem, or argue to prove my every point. By I can do something, even a tiny little something, every day, for as long as I'm able.
 (If you'd like a free print out of this beautiful photo, visit this link)
Love you, friends.

More Books! April Through July Reads

Seems as though blogging keeps me accountable to my reading goal! We are pretty close to the mid-point of 2019 (how does this happen so quickly) and I'm feeling pretty good about my reading goal of the year! Here's my recap from April to the end of June.

13. One Day in December, Josie Silver (love story, fiction)- I checked this out on a whim because I was in between loan requests and had a 3+hour drive one day. I was pleasantly surprised! Love stories really aren't my thing but this one was read by two British people which automatically made it 1,000 times more charming. A quick read that I quite enjoyed. A

14. On the Come Up, Angie Thomas (fiction, young adult)- Yet another poignant and incredible story by Thomas.  Almost as heartbreaking as The Hate U Give and just as eye-opening. (I was finally able to watch The Hate U Give and was sad to see a few things changed from the book [isn't that how it always goes?] but still an amazing story.) A

15. This Will Only Hurt a…