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(Literal) Hot Child in The City

I consider myself pretty lucky that I am still close with my college roommates. No, we don’t talk every day or see each other often, but I know that I could call either of them (I have two, and oddly they share the same name) and we can pick up where we left off. Both ladies were there in such an important time of my life and I am forever grateful that they weren’t total weirdos (at least, not in a bad way.)

KP and I lived together in an on-campus apartment for two years. We had a mascot-a large stuffed penguin named Petey. Our apartment was forever frigid in the winter because we refused to turn the heat past like 65*. On Sundays we had breakfast for dinner. KP was once afraid that all I did was eat cookies and sleep (because for the first semester we lived together, that’s pretty much all I did. Depression is a jerk that doesn’t care that you’re in college and it’s supposed to be of your life). I only remember a handful of small parties. Our d├ęcor was very college chic…
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Do Good.

I don't have the capacity to even express myself regarding some of the horrific things going on in our world. It's hard to be grateful for your own life and happy living it while be mad as hell, frustrated, and feeling guilt for the aforementioned 'good' feelings. I, too, grow tired of looking for helpers and being optimistic sometimes but I still come back to this quote time and time again. I can not stop doing my little parts to move the world forward in a productive way. I can not mend every heart, fix every problem, or argue to prove my every point. By I can do something, even a tiny little something, every day, for as long as I'm able.
 (If you'd like a free print out of this beautiful photo, visit this link)
Love you, friends.

More Books! April Through July Reads

Seems as though blogging keeps me accountable to my reading goal! We are pretty close to the mid-point of 2019 (how does this happen so quickly) and I'm feeling pretty good about my reading goal of the year! Here's my recap from April to the end of June.

13. One Day in December, Josie Silver (love story, fiction)- I checked this out on a whim because I was in between loan requests and had a 3+hour drive one day. I was pleasantly surprised! Love stories really aren't my thing but this one was read by two British people which automatically made it 1,000 times more charming. A quick read that I quite enjoyed. A

14. On the Come Up, Angie Thomas (fiction, young adult)- Yet another poignant and incredible story by Thomas.  Almost as heartbreaking as The Hate U Give and just as eye-opening. (I was finally able to watch The Hate U Give and was sad to see a few things changed from the book [isn't that how it always goes?] but still an amazing story.) A

15. This Will Only Hurt a…

A Year in the Life a Hot Dog Ambassador

Here ye, here ye, your Royal Highness The Queen of Wien is now presiding.

So remember when I wrote about my love of hot dogs and how it landed me the sweet title of Midwest Ambassador for the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council? Well it’s hard to believe it, but it has been just at a year since my title was bestowed to me-and what a year! I mean c’on folks, cut the mustard here, your constant fawning over me is just too much!

Wait. That’s not right. Pretty much this is how this year as went:

I was through the moon when I was picked. I don’t know if I pointed out that I am the only woman to have this title and that means more to me than the title itself (almost). I laughed and turned beet red when I told people I won at first and was even interviewed for our internal newsletter at work. So the first few months it took me a while to get over the fame and prestige that comes with such an endeavor...

But come to find out, a lot of titles are just for show. I have a shiny badge and a shirt t…

"Scoot Over, You Drive"

Recntly I took a literal drive down memory lane after dropping my best friend off at her house-It just happens that she now lives a few miles from where I ‘grew up’. ‘Where I grew up’ is a loaded phrase really, and is one that my answer for probably doesn’t match what most people know about me. While I physically spent more time of my childhood in one city with my mom, I consider that I ‘grew up’ where I spent my weekends-out in the country with my grandparents. While I’m not sure what the actual percentage was, I’m certain that I spent every other weekend with my grandparents (who, technically, would be my maternal grandfather and his wife, my ‘step’ grandma. My maternal grandmother passed away when I was 5. I remember her briefly but we'll save that for another day).This is a story about ‘growing up’.

My grandpa was my best friend. He was my resiliency factor. He is the person at the center of my life that continues to push me forward even today. To know Wayne was to love him and…

Reading List 2019 (so far)

Instead of recapping all the books I read for an entire year, I thought I would try and do this quarterly so that it’s not such a beast to read (or for that matter, type). My goal is to read 30 books in 2019, so let’s see where I’m at: Becoming, Michelle Obama (autobiography)- I purposefully started the year with this book and it did not disappoint. So many times I found myself in full-out bawling fits of emotion-of joy, sadness, pride, and longing. Michelle Obama believes in us all, y’all. A+You Are a Badass, Jen Sincero (self-help)- I guess this book has been around for a while? There were a lot of thoughtful nuggets in this book and I enjoyed the pep talk. I find Sincero to be much more down-to-Earth and in touch with life than others #coughcoughwashingmyface. Sidenote, I think I need to stop being so overly critical of self-help books that do not acknowledge how privileges plays a part in success but. AYou Are a Badass at Making Money, Jen Sincero (self-help)-knocked both of these…

What's up, Buttercups?

Do you ever feel like time speeds up just when you need it to really slow it’s role? That’s pretty much what the last month has felt like! Luckily, it’s been full of good things: I bought a new (to me) car that I have named Toothless. It is beautiful and wonderful and it has heated seats so now I just want to drive my car everywhere. Or park in the drive and listen to audiobooks with a warm butt. Same difference. I successfully surprised my husband for his 40th birthday with a really fun brew bus tour! The Indy Brew Bus is one of my favorite group activities in Indianapolis. This surprise has been in the works for months and I am so grateful we were all able to keep in under tight lips.  Derek is really hard to surprise and ultimately figured out that we were going on the Indy Brew Bus tour but had no idea it would be a private tour of some of his most favorite peoples. We had a blast, drank some tasty brews, and lived to tell the tale. (Side note though, for about 10 hours I had him …